Understanding and Coping With Complicated Grief

Understanding and Coping With Complicated Grief

Grieving is part of life for everyone. The loss of a loved one can be a devastating experience. Everyone experiences the death of a loved one in their life at one time or another. As time goes on, a person will go through stages of grieving and learn to live with their loss. As humans, ee learn to live our losses and continue to live our lives, even when we miss our loved ones.

Grieving is normal and healthy, and it can be difficult, no matter the circumstances. While you may not grieve every day as time goes on, there will be moments when you miss a person you’re grieving intensely, even as you live your life without that person.

Normal Grief or Complicated Grief?

While grieving is healthy, some people experience what is called complicated grief. A person who experiences this type of pain may struggle to move on in their life and enjoy things again.

People who experience complicated grief often experience intense or even disabling feelings of loss and sorrow that can interrupt their lives indefinitely. Pain becomes front and center in their life and can cause problems maintaining relationships with others or continuing without their loved one.

Normal grief is emotionally intense and painful, but most people can adjust and heal from their pain as time moves on. This isn’t to say that a person who lost somebody won’t continue to miss and think of them. But the feelings of sadness will become less intense, and they will be able to function and experience joy once again.

A person with complicated grief may not be able to let go and function, still feeling a deep sense of loss even as others around them seem to be healing. There can be many reasons a person experiences complicated grief, but the feelings surrounding complicated grief remain the same. When you experience complicated grief, the emotions may be just as vivid and painful as the day you learned of your loss.

Professional help can help you learn to live with your loss and find peace with your sadness and pain. Therapy can help you find a path to move forward in life.

Getting Help

Complicated grief is a disorder that is treatable. A mental health professional can help you begin your journey out of despair and back to life. The first step in recovering from complicated grief is to reach out for help and get an evaluation by a mental health professional.

We offer a safe place to help you begin your journey. Our competent professionals can work to help evaluate, treat, and create a plan for living that’s right for you. Please reach out at 949-245-9812.