Addiction & Dual Diagnosis

Top Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

A Personal Approach that Facilitates and Supports Lasting Change

At The Alamo Livingood Centerwe believe in client centered treatment.  All of our clients who are struggling with addiction and a co-occurring disorder (like depression, anxiety, and trauma) will get a very custom and individualized treatment plan.

By facilitating treatment with a client centered approach, we truly get to the core issues and help someone heal from the pain and damages caused by addiction, chronic relapse, trauma, and other life factors that are prohibiting someone from having a healthy happy life.

More Than Abstinence – Addressing Core Issues

We work closely with each client to heal and resolve those core issues and strive to help them gain a healthy functioning life they are proud of.  Creating a rewarding life that is fulfilling and uplifting is the best defense against future relapse.

Once we treat the core issues utilizing cutting edge therapies in our group and individual therapy. We also provide medication management , psych testing, and neurofeedback.

With our very personalized case management we work closely on each next step to start back on the road to school or starting work, gaining financial independence and enriching their lives with new healthy friendships and a network of support.

Stepping Back Into Life with Clinical Support

We help clients with resumes, job search, interview preparation, applications to schools and financial assistance or any other aspect that helps our clients move forward. Because we are so client centered The Alamo Livingood Center has a very friendly family atmosphere. Please call for an assessment or with any questions.

 We Are Here to Help You or Your Loved One

Please read some of our testimonials to get a feel for how inspirational and transformational our setting can be.

To learn more about receiving mental health counseling at our center, whether for you or for a loved one, reach out to us today. We’d love to help you understand what the process entails and what the next step is.

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