The Alamo Academic Program

Academic Program with Recovery Support

Since we know that creating a fulfilling life in recovery is the best defense against future relapse, it follows naturally we would develop an academic program to help recovering students succeed in the classroom.

While recovering students continue one-on-one and group counseling and therapeutic treatment activities, they also transition back into the classroom with the support of their dedicated Case Manager.

With our very personalized case management approach we work closely on each next step to start back on the road to school, including obtaining transcripts and registering for classes.


Close and Caring Supervision by the Most Skilled Doctors and Facilitators

Every client gets a Case Manager who will work closely with them to get them moving. The client will participate in multiple ‘one-on-one’ therapeutic  sessions each week as well as daily group processes and activities.

 We Are Here to Help You or Your Loved One

Please read some of our testimonials to get a feel for how inspirational and transformational our setting can be.

To learn more about receiving mental health counseling at our center, whether for you or for a loved one, reach out to us today. We’d love to help you understand what the process entails and what the next step

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