10 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

10 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious now and then. But for many people, anxiety is a mental health issue that they have to work on coping with every day. It’s okay to feel anxious or uncertain about the future. Many people in the world feel that way. But learning to cope with anxiety in your everyday life can make a world of difference.

Feeling anxious emotions and pushing through them can be powerful. Finding a way to do that can help you in your journey through life.

Anxiety Coping Techniques

These suggestions are just that – suggestions. These suggestions may not work for you, or you may have a better idea to help you with your anxiety. Make some time to work on your anxiety every day. Not all suggestions will work for all people! Take what you need and leave the rest.

  1. Go on a daily run or walk. Take time for yourself and make sure to break a sweat. Studies show that regular exercise can help lower your blood pressure and release feel-good chemicals.
  2. Use an adult coloring book. Many people find that coloring helps them relax and unwind. Try doing it before something you find stressful. You can use colored gel pens, markers, or whatever you choose.
  3. Talk with somebody you trust about your anxiety. A burden shared is a burden lessened.
  4. Take ten minutes to sit and listen to uplifting music. It helps if you make a playlist for this purpose in advance.
  5. Work on a vision board. It can help you visualize your fears and what goals you have to confront your anxiety. What does success look like to you?
  6. Have a play session with your pet. Ten or fifteen minutes will help you bond together and help you get out of your head for a while.
  7. Plan your days. Sometimes people feel more in control when they’ve got a daily plan. Write down your plans on your calendar (paper or digital). Just make sure to give yourself some “downtime,” too.
  8. Cross something off your daily “to-do” list. Choose the most straightforward thing if you have to, but make sure you get it done.
  9. Learn breathing techniques. Youtube has a lot of information on mindfulness and meditation. Amazon Prime also offers full-length visualizations and meditation ideas as well.
  10. Do something creative with your hands. Refurbish a dresser, make a shelf, or create an ankle bracelet. Being creative helps you be authentic and explore your life.

These are just a few things you can try out when you’re feeling anxiety. There are probably other methods you can try, as well. Ask your family or friends about what they do when they’re feeling anxious.

Getting Help for Mental Health Disorders

Everyone feels anxious now and then. If you feel like yours is debilitating or causing you significant problems in life, it’s time to get help. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and everyone deserves to be healthy and feel good about themselves.

If you or somebody you love struggles with anxiety, substance use, or other mental health challenges, we want to help you live your best life. Call us at 949-245-9812 to learn more about our programs.